In mijn werk laat ik zien hoe ik mijn creativiteit de ruimte heb gegeven. Om de kunst te maken die ik wil en die mij in staat stelt om ook te leven als kunstenaar en bij te dragen aan ‘het kunstveld’ waarbij mijn werk een plaats heeft in het veld…


First I come into my body. I put on some music that touches me and I do some fysieke exercises or I just lie down for a moment. I have materials ready. Paper, different kinds of paint, chalk, pencils, markers. And then I just get to work and let it happen.
I let my body speak, I listen to myself inside. What do I feel like doing? I move, pick up materials and colours. Maybe I feel I want to use an image as inspiration, so I intuitively look for it online or in a book. And that’s it. The work comes naturally, my body, my hands know what to do. Sometimes I feel resistance, then I listen again. What is it trying to say? I go on from there.


The work seems to want to show what is alive in me on a subconscious level. It is not about me, but it resonates with me. It seems to want to show something about women. It seems to be about the strength of women hidden under layers of oppression, including sexual oppression. It appeals to me as a social issue.
But the most important thing I want to convey through my work is the method I use. I want to say that there are images hidden in the subconscious that come out when you let your body and your hands tell the story. Then what wants to be seen becomes visible.